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fags! and hags!

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the original fag hags community
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(community maintained by lever & adrian1698

we are women. whether we be bi, straight, gay, pansexual, transgendered, or just plain queer, we love queer men, and identify as allies to the queer community. we have no intentions of turning them straight or taking them away from their significant others. for some, they have been our lifelong friends. we can relate to them. we can cry with them. shop with them. we don't just love them because they cross the overbearing stereotypes of what makes a man a 'man.' they are levelheaded enough to open their minds to a variety of people and ideas.

"fag hags" is in no way meant used as a derrogatory term. it is simply slang for us girls who love men who love men. and if you happen to be one of them, then join this community. and if you have a decent site, join the webring as well.


LJ-Cuts: What Goes Behind them?
- ALL image posts over 40k, or images over 200 x 200 pixels must be put behind an lj-cut. This is for three reasons:
----- 01. To keep it friendly for users with slow connections.
----- 02. We have enabled user icons to be visible, and icons can be a max of 40k. Multipy that by 20 entries per page, and there could be chances of have 800k of images to load due to user icons alone.
----- 03. We would like tables unbroken or and avoid horizonal scrolls, especially for users who have this community added to their friends list
- LONG text entry posts must be lj-cut. We're taking epic posts that take up more than half the page.
- Online quiz and test results.
- If you're going to post an entry or an image containing explicit sex, nudity, or gore please place it in an lj-cut and provide a warning (eg, "Not work safe content ahead". And please do not use any user icons that contain any of the aforementioned content. The moderators will leave a comment in your post telling you to edit the entry. If action isn't taken by the original poster, the post will be deleted. The reason being is that some people here view this community from school, work, library, or another public area.

*** Don't know what an lj-cut is? Read this for more information

Advertising Your Community
- Please do not promote your community here, unless it pertains to this community in some way (eg. aids benefits, anti-hate rallies). All other non-related communities can be promoted elsewhere (community_promo).
- Once you advertise your community here, DO NOT PROMOTE IT AGAIN. Please promote your community once.

Keeping On Track
- What we mean by this is keep posts on subject. New member introductions, stories about you and your fag/hag, asking for some support for related issues are on subject. Posting about your car, your pet, or your favorite whatever do not belong here.
- The same goes for posting online quizzes. No "How Bitchy Are you?" tests (although it could be argued that it is related. *roll eyes*).

Removal/Banning from the Community
- You will be banned from the community based on a three strike offense. If you commit three "strikes," we, the moderators, have the option of banning you. What are three strike offenses?
  • We will edit posts if we feel an lj-cut is necessary, and we will reply to your post to inform you of the edit.
  • We will delete posts that are off topic. However, before deleting, we will leave a comment explaining deletion (in case comments are received in said poster's email)
  • There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone else's opinion; however disregarding all respect for that person is not allowed. We will first reply to to the post/comment to explain in deletion before it is removed.

    That being said, if we continually have to edit/delete your posts, or see you posting inappropriately, you can be banned.

    Blatant hate in either posts or comments will result in being banned on one offense. Duh.

    * a growing list of "fag-hag related" films can be found here.

    other communities that may interest you:
    sbnn (straight but not narrow)

    if you have a site related to the fag hags webring/community, feel free to email me the link and i will post it in this profile.

  • straight but not narrow
  • forever fag hag webring
  • absolutely fabulous, acceptance, advice, alternative lifestyles, alternative sexuality, androgyny, anti-prejudice, anti-racist, anti-sexist, bi, bisexual, bisexual community, bisexual rights, bisexuality, bisexuals, boys, boyz, butch, civil liberties, civil rights, coming out, coming out stories, communication, companions, culture, drag kings, drag queens, dyke, dykes, effeminate males, encouragement, enlightenment, fag hag, fag hags, faggot, fags, family, female to male, female-to-male, feminism, feminist, feminists, femme, fighting hate, freak, freaks, freedom, friendship, fruit flies, ftm, gay, gay boys, gay community, gay issues, gay males, gay marriage, gay men, gay parenting, gay pride, gay rights, gay/straight alliance, gays, gender, gender queer, genderqueer, get real, girls, girlz, glbt, heterosexual, heterosexuality, homo, homosexual, homosexuality, homosexuals, human, human behavior, human rights, humanism, humanity, kathy griffin, kylie minogue, lgbt, love, loving more, madonna, male, male to female, male-to-female, margaret cho, men, minority issues, minority rights, mtf, multicultural, non-monogamy, on our backs, open-mindedness, openmindedness, pansexuality, partners, pflag, pink triangles, platonic relationships, poly, polyamorous, polyamory, polyfidelity, polysexuality, pride, pride triangles, queer, queer community, queer politics, queer studies, queerness, queers, rainbow, rainbows, relationships, respect, same-sex marriage, sexual ethics, sexuality, significant others, stereotypes, straight, support, the broken hearts club, tolerance, trans, trans issues, transexual, transexuality, transexuals, transgender, transgendered, transgenderism, transgenders, transsexual, transsexuality, transsexuals, transvestites, understanding, will and grace

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