mancandy28 (mancandy28) wrote in faghags,

Hello All

I am really exited to have found this page. I have for many years been a fag hag. I have had so many people question my intentions with being in love with Gay Men but I have no intentions. My default pic is my and my best friend Curtis, or Cherry Blossom. I have many many gay friends and I love them all deeply and would kill for each and every one of them. For the gay men on here what attracts you to your fags? All of my friends say it's my personality and I love that answer. I have the best time with my boys. We go clubbing and dancing and just hand out at the house or go shopping. I have fought for them and I have lost some of them and a piece of me has died with them. So it feels good to have found this site to hopefully talk through some of the ups and downs of being a true blue through and through Fag Hag!!!
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