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I need some help

Im brand spankin new to this community.
But i need some help advice anything..
Type My best friend of about 7 years, has recently come out to everyone and being comfortable with himself. Which im so incredibly happy for him, I know the feeling. But I miss him. He never used to like to go out downtown(Vancouver) or do anything accept stay in and watch movies. Over the last 2 years we have grown apart and it hurts me alot. He hasnt called as much but has met some new guy gay friends who he goes and does all the things he never liked before. And would never do with me. Im trying not to be selfish and want him to myself. But he is a huge part of me.. and it kills me the less and less we talk. Im guessing its his new found "gayness" he feels he can be himself. He is not the type of person you can talk to about these things he doesnt have an emotional side really. Sometimes I feel lost with out him. I just dont know what to do. Both of us have never really had alot of gay friends in the community. But we always had each other.. Now it feels like he doesnt need me. I dont know Im probably over reacting but it just hurts alot. I am starting to think maybe I am not apart of this part of his life. It hurts but all I want is for him to be happy.

I am looking for some advice
your cut contents here.
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